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Correlation Dynamics Page

For quite some time now I've been working on a software package to help formulating and analysing correlation dynamics models for artificial ecologies.

The basic idea is to have a set of tools that allows you (1) to define a probabilistic cellular automaton (PCA) by specifying the local rules, (2) run explicit stochastic simulations and (3) obtain and analyse correlation dynamics approximations of the same model.

The theory behind this package is outlined in a chapter that I contributed to the book edited by Dieckmann, Law and Metz (2000) (the reference and a pdf version of the chapter can be found in my bibliography).

As of yet this software only exists in the form of a Mathematica package. A demo notebook shows how it can be used. For those who have Mathematica and who are not afraid of using a buggy package with little documentation, I've added a page from which the packages and c code can be downloaded. Contact me if you want to know more.

The method assumes a discrete space. For an alternative approach for continuous space, see Ben Bolker's chapter in the same book or consult his web pages on the subject.

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